Hello! I am Olga Bolshchikova

My design journey started with print design and then transitioned to UX design. I believe well-designed products can make people feel inspired and willing to come back for more, resulting in transforming user emotions into tangible business value.

  • It is important for me to work closely with product managers, engineers, and others because, in my mind, product development is a team sport

  • While working, I strive to achieve a harmonious blend of complex functionality and aesthetics

  • I am curious and never afraid to say "I don't know". On the contrary, I believe that a willingness to admit it just opens the doors for more opportunities and experiences

  • I am honored that an interview about my recent life in the United States, posted on a couple of blogs, inspires people not to give up, but to keep going towards their goals.

And I Do Other Things

I am a musician (guitar, piano) and a singer

I am a knitter and a crocheter. My hobby helps me to be very detail-oriented. You can find some of them here.

I am a world traveler and a hiker. My husband and I have visited 20 countries and 152 cities (and counting!). Some highlights:

  • Upper Yosemite Falls, CA

  • Mount Diablo in Contra Costa County, CA

  • Angels Landing in Zion National Park, UT

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